What It Demands To Amplify the Digital Economy Within UK?


Supercharging the Digital Economy’ hosted by Tech Trade company— the TechUK— was an assemblage of different ministers, industry professionals, and clients under one roof. During the inauguration, all professionals and attendees discussed some of the most productive ways through which the UK can emerge as a digital leader.

The event proved to be a real success as it gave an opportunity to leaders and thought-provokers to determine ways, cement the UK in the global digital economy, and highlight its leadership.

To convince attendees for accompanying on the journey and make UK a tech leader, Julian David the CEO of techUK, put forward the proceedings. He set a tone of the event by discussing the initiatives with experts.

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Participation of the government makes the path to accomplish the journey of making the UK a tech leader becomes more clear and obtainable. During the event, Matt Hancock—a Minister of State for Digital—shared the stage to declare how he (along with the government) aims to rank the UK to top of the digital list.

A key point in the UK’s digital goal was determined earlier this year, as the Government’s Digital Strategy set out a roadmap for upcoming digital prosperity. The strategy covered digital skills, big R&D and digital infrastructure, and some of the evolving technologies. Furthermore, the productivity of the strategy got evident when Hancock revealed the positive impacts that were determined by the implementation of the aforesaid strategies and tactics.

He stated the success in the following words:

 “We need to be leading digital economy and digital society. From our digital strategy earlier this year, I’m pleased to say in six months we are making progress. We have come a long way, bringing elements such as digital skills partnership to develop those that lack in skills.”

Through this supercharging the Economy event, Hancock put forward the plan and highlighted the significance of the various key points including the digital skills. However many critics belonging to the Digital Strategy claimed to find no solid details about the plan. When fleshing out the importance of digital skills he stated,

“Digital skills are essential for everyone to thrive in this digital age and they should be an entitlement for all citizens. We want to have a broad range of offer to everyone. Therefore we have over 4 million opportunities in public and private sector organizations, including Barclays, Lloyds, and Google to help bring those skills to those who need them.”

In the push of digital skills, industry partners play a key role. They provide such resources and a robust platform through which skills can be fostered and talent can be flourished. During the event, Hancock announced his collaboration with leading companies like Microsoft, Google and Apple and that they have agreed on extending their support in achieving the tech goal. He further stated that:

“We want to prepare Britain for success with opportunities broadly available, so we started our digital skills partnership.”

Through the digital skills, he strives to provide experts, professionals and all those tech workers executing their efforts, with a firm platform and productive means so that they can polish their skills further and learn new techniques.

In addition, a key factor that is greatly effective in fulfilling this aim is the status of the UK businesses towards future growth. Many projects offering digital services in UK have started to make the region thrive as the hub of startups. To facilitate the growth further, the United Kingdom is presently boosting many tech giants all across the countries.

Out of 532 major giants, around 17 belongs to the UK. Every time London has proved itself to be much ahead of the European rivals. Therefore, the government is supporting all of these firms to make them able to secure a front seat in such a competitive environment, for securing a prosperous digital future.

Furthermore, another speaker of the event related to digital infrastructure, particularly 5G pointed out another important point. He coined some benefits by introducing it in the strategy to which Hancock declared that previously this has been a weak link in the digital skills, but now he assured to bring positive changes and will try to overcome such loopholes in the following words.

 “We have may have fallen behind with 3G and 4G but we want to be at the front with 5G with backing from the Treasury to use the tax payer’s money effectively,”