The Days of Easy Money Exporting Baby Milk Powder Are Over


At the moment, Australia’s media is the fact that parents in China have been defeated by the “Formula Australia” child formula. News about the empty supermarket shelf has been hit in the first 2016, Chinese families are importing foreign goods for the best part of a decade.

Until then, a generation of young enterprises, known as Daegu, sent them to the best buyers in China to buy rich Australian products. This is not just a child formula. Australian Health Supplements, Organizations, and Measures have received the highest dollar on Chinese Realler sites. But recently, according to many retailers, it has started changing the thanks for marketing regulation and tough competition.

Jessica is one of the earliest warehouses that earned China’s hunger money for Australian goods. As a 28-year-old businessman sat down to find out how she came into business, and what she thinks that business will live longer.

After graduation, I tried to get a job as a nurse, but I did not have a permanent residence, so it was obvious that it was difficult to work in a hospital. And I needed income, so I started working in this business, buy things and started sending them abroad. When I started four years ago, this whole industry was growing rapidly. China was going to nuts mainly, buys everything from Australia, including water! And female sanitary pads. It was crazy, and many of them were looking for formula, and I started selling the product to the warehouse.

So if you search for online you will find this big brand named Sanlu Group. It is one of China’s top 10 largest brands, and is one of Chinese dairy teeth. Whenever I was growing, I ate Sanlu. But it was told that his child’s formula had more quantities of chemical called alchemy, which is forxic to children, such as urine and brain problems. After this, the Chinese people realized that they could not trust any brands, nor big brands. Air pollution was another concern. Therefore, so far, China does not trust anything in China.

For example, I can buy the same product from China, but people prefer to ship me from Australia. It’s the same thing Jelly cat, like rabbit, it has been made in china. It is from the UK and is very popular, but built in china. And still, my customers buy it from Australia. They do not care. They know that they are made in China, they call on the tag, but they do not care about being sent from Australia.

Is it really the difference Do you think Australian products are better?

An important example is Maltesers. We have got the same thing in China, but many say that the taste is different. And that’s true, I tried. Australia uses different ingredients, better milk, and quality is different. I do not know, but Chinese people are being improved everything.

What is your best selling product?

Baby formula everyone needs it. The next is the largest export vitamin.

And what is the most extraordinary product?

Toilet paper But it was just once because one of my clients needed China from Australia, so I just bought it from a supermarket.

Are you the largest exporter in Australia?

no not at all. We have a huge dealer in Melbourne. In their warehouse, their stock is up to one million dollars. I think I enter the middle of this list, definitely not the greatest. But the modern market is in New South Wales, in no doubt

How do Australia think about your business?

When people come to him, there are two groups and two different opinions. One of these will be our partners, as they are brand owners, manufacturers and organic food store owners. We do business and trade with them, so I think they like us. We basically double or triple their business. But then there are other groups who dislike us. For example, once again I was in the volunteer shop of Box Hill. My business partner and I was filling the entire trunk of grain because it was really cheap. And the manager was over and was really bad. He said we could not buy large quantities, and we treated as we were like a thief. My partner almost called, because everyone was walking around us and we did not even do anything wrong.

It’s tough Do your friends experience the same thing in business?

Yes, another interesting story involves a male friend who had to buy a female sanitary pad for a customer, and went to Walfort, who bought a complete trolley of the Level Pack. He talked about many stars and people. But we’re already using it. We are just a buyer.

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