Some Popular South Indian Sweets


South Indian Sweets are associated with a rich culture and tradition. The different South Indian States have their own classic sweet delicacies. If you are an avid sweet lover of traditional sweet delicacies, then you can go through some of the famous sweets of South India.

  • ThaenMittai: The thaen mittai is a classic and traditional sweet delicacy of Tamil Nadu. It is a very famous recipe; however, it is rarely available in the shops. You can easily make thisrecipe in your home by following its simple recipe. This famous sweet is prepared with the mixture of Rice and Urad Dal and then soaked in the Sugar Syrup. After biting this sweet,Sugary Syrup will ooze out and make it more enjoyable and interesting. After making thissweet, you should store it in one airtight container and could be served later.
  • Mysore Pak: It is a heavily popular South Indian sweet originated from the Royal Mysore Palace. This delicious and aromatic sweet delicacy prepared with Chickpea Flour or Besan, Sugar along with Ghee. To get an extraordinary texture, this recipe uses a little bit of Oil. You need not have some special skill to make this dish; however, a proper understanding of preparation method is important to get the appropriate texture. A perfectly made Mysore Pak is a bit crunchy, light, and not hard along with the porous texture. It must not have the traces of Ghee over it and must not release while consumed. Its edges should be associated with crumbs.
  • Sweet Murukku: Sweet JaggeryMurukku is a crunchy and delicious sweet snack. The plain and crisp-fried Murukku is dunked in the flavoured Jaggery Syrup. You can store it in an airtight container. Chickpea Flour and Rice Flour are the main ingredients of this recipe.
  • Payasam: It is a South Indian version of Kheer. There are a number of variations are available in the Payasam recipe. It is prepared during holy festivals and different occasions. Some popular Payasam variations are Moong Dal Payasam, SevianPayasam, PaalPayasam, Carrot Payasam, AvalPayasam, BadamPayasam, Papaya Payasam, and so on.
  • Kummayam: It is also called as “AadiKummayam”. This sweet delicacy made with a different amalgamation of lentils and jaggery. It is popularly prepared in holy festivals.
  • Gudanna: It isalternatively known as kayanna. It is a simple and tasty sweet dish prepared on the auspicious occasions. It is jaggery-coconut rice made with rice, coconut, jaggery along with little ghee.
  • Uddinittinaunde: Uddinittinaunde is an alternate name of urad dal ladoo. It is a simple recipe that requires a minimum number of ingredients including Split Black Gram, Sugar, and Ghee. It is a healthy sweet recipe as well.
  • Karjikai: Karjikai or karigadubu is a popular sweet delicacy prepared with Maida, Poppy Seeds, Sugar, Fried Gram (or any other Nuts) along with Coconut.

Some other popular South Indian sweets are PoothaRekulu, PoornamBoorelu, Kajjikayalu, PaladaPayasam, ParippuPayasam, MuttaMaala, etc.You can these incredible sweets in your home and get-togethers and surprise your family and friends.