Six Tips to Unlock the Incredible Potential of Remarketing Ads


Many advertisers and even some inexperienced AdWords remarketing professionals fail to capitalize on the amazing potential of remarketing ads due to lazy thinking. Here are some innovative ways you can connect with remarketing audiences and get the maximum ROI from ad spend.

Create Ads that Address Concerns

The best AdWords management expert providers will tell you that using introductory ads for remarketing purposes is a flawed strategy. A percentage of original site audience probably left because they had some concerns or hesitations which prevented them from converting. Your remarketing ads should address these issues and try to convince them to come back. Your sales team can give you feedback or you can conduct online surveys and go through online reviews to figure out what those concerns are.

Use Dynamic Remarketing

Google’s dynamic remarketing feature is highly useful in encouraging prospects back to your website with ads that feature products they viewed during their last site visit. Once visitors exit your site, they might forget about a product they liked and dynamic remarketing serves to remind prospects of those particular products. If you don’t know how to incorporate this feature in your remarketing ad campaign, consult a professional remarketing services provider.

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Invoke Sense of Urgency

Create ad copy that spells a clear call to action, urgency and invokes the fear of missing out to drive the message home. You can do this by giving last minute deals for which time is running out or saying there’s limited stock – this encourages some people to take a quick decision. Seasoned AdWords remarketing experts use this tactic effectively to increase click through rates and conversion rates.

Provide Additional Incentives

A majority of first time site visitors want to shop around and compare prices before taking the plunge. However, there’s a risk that once they leave your website, they will find better deals or get distracted and not come back. You can intercept this audience with remarketing ads that contain incentives such as discount codes and special offers.

Give a Gentle Reminder

Studies estimate that over eighty percent of site visitors fill their shopping carts with products but abandon these carts before completing transactions. You can target these audiences by creating ads that remind them gently that they never completed the check-out process – – it might be just what they need to reignite interest and convert.

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Use Remarketing to Cross Sell

Most advertisers think that remarketing ads are not useful for targeting audiences who converted. However, expert white label remarketing services providers will tell you that with some clever analysis, you can use remarketing ads to offer products that are complimentary to original purchases. For example, if a customer purchases a phone, there are chances he or she will need a phone case. So, if a business also sells phone cases, they can try to sell these products through remarketing ads.

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