Momo is delicious and filling: Checkout 8 awesome varieties


As we all know that momo has its origin in Nepal and it is a version of dumpling. Presently in India this is a very popular food item. It has become a go grab snack for evenings and they are so delicious that one cannot take their hands off from a plate of delightful momos.

This food item was once a common dish in every Nepal cafe corner and this traditional delicacy has a filling of vegetables or meat which is served with hot and spicy sipping sauce. If you want to try momos, then there are some popular varieties which they should not miss.

Steamed momo

Momos are mostly steamed in nature and they are readily available in cafes and restaurants. They are juicy and scrumptious and when made, they are filled with minced fresh vegetables or shredded meat. Once the filling is put inside, the dumplings are put in a steamer. Then they are served hot along with some spicy sauce.

Kothey momo

These are half steamed and half fried momos. They have an elongated shape and the filling can either be of chicken or other meat or can be of vegetables. One can have them with a bowl of hot soup or with some spicy sauce.

Chilly momo

If you are used to spices, then this one is definitely a must try for you. As the name suggests, the filling of this momo with chilli paste along with other fillings. But yes, you can try this only if you are able to consume spicy things.

Fried and Steam fried momo

This is a crunchy version of momo and these are made by deep frying the momos. They are either fried directly or they are fried after they are steamed. This is a bit oily by nature as it is fried but they taste really delicious. If you are very conscious about your health and body weight, it is a good idea to not have this.

Jhol momo

Jhol means liquid and when one talks about jhol momo they mean a dish of momos drowned in a bowl full of sauce. This liquid sauce is also known as jholachar. It is a thin liquid and it has a taste of tangy and hot twist. One can have this in dinner as they are very stomach filling.

Open momo

All momo fanatics have definitely tried this version of momo. It is a momo wrap which has four openings and one can pour different sauces from these openings and then have a bite to savour the delicacy.

Tandoori momo

It is a lip smacking combination of tandoor and momos and this one has a very rich texture. This is an Indianised version of momo and it is grilled in tandoor. One should definitely try this with some spicy sauce.

Green momo

The filling of this momos are made from spinach. Here the spinach is blended with flour and kneaded well in water. One can have them if they are a bit health conscious.

To get momo recipe in Hindi, one can consult online cooking sites.


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