Maximalist Décor Ideas for the Lovers of Minimalism


Minimalism has ruled the modern décor styles for a long time. It has become so popular that it is not a trend anymore, but a lifestyle. In fact, lots of people around the world have adopted the concept ‘less is more.’ If you are a fan of minimalism who finds peace in its clean lines, clutter-free rooms, and bright spaces, you may not like the increasing popularity of maximalism. However, the good news is you can embrace this reemerging trend without compromising with your minimalist principles.

Create a gathering place. Maximalist homes are ultra-sociable. They encourage people to come, gather, and chat. So, if you want to bring the style into just a room of your house, choose the living space as it will be easy to transform it with a few extra chairs, sofas, and pillows. Bring in different colors such as gold, green, red, blue and resort to busy wallpaper and artwork to make the place more fun and cheerful.

Bring some minor changes. If you are not comfortable with transforming an entire room, bring some subtle changes by incorporating a few elements featuring the maximalist trend. Decorate with sumptuous fabrics and eccentric accessories to set the tone. Mixing up contemporary items with some fantastic design elements brings up the aesthetic of excess and redundancy – the very philosophy of maximalist approach. Model-Home Makeover offers living room renovation ideas to spruce up your home.

The magic of jewel tones. Jewel tones are rich and vibrant, and they quickly grab attention, which is one of the most common features of the maximalist movement. Create visual stimuli by combining white walls and soft lighting with hues of sapphire, ruby, and emerald in furniture and fabrics. These tones can make a place cheerful and bright, and lift the spirits of those who walk into the room.

In addition, you can bring this trend into your kitchen and bathroom by employing golden tone for your plumbing and lighting fixtures. Pair them up with wooden furniture, and Scandinavian silhouettes to appease your minimalist soul.

Show your collection. Minimalism does not force anyone to give up everything that is not absolutely necessary. Rather, it means living with the things that are meaningful to you and give you joy and happiness. So, if you own a cluster of colorful, decorative baskets or a collection of kitchen accessories, put them on display and enjoy the pleasure of being a bit extravagant.

Use mural for visual extravagance. Another way to indulge in luxury is to utilize the exotic beauty of murals. Such a decorative painting can create the visual impression of maximalism in a room even when the entire place is quite simple with a handful of furnishings and accessories.

Add a scene or a story in the form of a mural and transform your bedroom or living space into a whimsical wonderland.

Bring into a traditional architectural fixture. Wainscoting is such a classic feature that goes well with any décor scheme. So, if your intention is to bring lavishness in a subtle way, this traditional decorative element is the best option. However, if you want to create a bit of drama, install wall decor in an oval-shaped corner instead of the usual straight lines along a wall. You can also paint it in color contrasting to the palette of the rest of the room so that it grabs immediate attention.

Be artistic. The artwork is the best way to create drama and make a statement. So, finish your ‘road to maximalism’ décor project with beautiful paintings or drawings. Instead of bringing lots of small painting, go full scale because it will give added focus and demand attention. One or two large pieces of artwork will create maximum drama with minimal furnishings.Going for maximalism could seem ‘unethical’ to some ardent minimalists. However, if you follow the tips, you’ll be able to create a maximal impression while the place will remain quite minimal in reality.


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