Importance of Cleaning Kitchen Worktops


When it comes to maintaining the hygiene in kitchen, we should not limit ourselves to washing our hands and cooking utensils before, during and after food preparation. There is a whole list of certain objects, which needs to be cleaned and well cared to avoid spreading germs. Worktops like cutting boards and countertops are present in every kitchen. We use them for peeling and cutting fruits, vegetables and meat.  In short these worktops are highly functional areas in any cooking facility.

As food and ingredients comes in direct contact with these surfaces, it will get contaminated if surface is not cleaned. This makes it necessary to pay special attention on proper cleaning.

Despite regular washing and wiping before and after every use, extra efforts are required to ensure proper cleaning.  Kitchen panels should be thoroughly washed off after cutting raw meat and vegetables. Never put ready to eat stuff like breads, fruits, and fresh salads on these panels. For example if you want to use a worktop for sandwich making don’t forget to wash it thoroughly before use.

Cleaning different kinds of chopping boards

As chopping boards can be made from materials like plastic, marble and wood, cleaning requirements differ from each other. Below I am sharing three methods to show how to clean your chopping boards.

Method for plastic work boards

Plastic cutting boards are often easy to clean. All you need is to either put them into dishwasher or a sink filled with the mixture of hot water and dishwashing liquid. Simply soak and rub it with microfiber cloth to clean the surface followed by washing and pouring white vinegar. Let it sit until vinegar gets dried. Wash it again with clean water while rubbing with a clean microfiber towel. Let it dry well.

Method for wooden cutting boards

Wood board cleaning requires lemon, kosher/sea salt, plastic spatula and microfiber.  Generously sprinkle salt over the surface and scrub it well with half of the lemon. Once you are done with scrubbing let this mixture sit at least for five minutes. After that scrape it with spatula and wash off with plain water and dry with clean microfiber cloth.

Method for marble boards

Marble and stone cutting boards can’t be cleaned with highly acidic cleaners and natural cleaners with acidity like lemon juice or vinegar. Further hot water is also not a good choice for marble tops. As it can break or crack the surface. To clean them efficiently you will need a gentle dishwashing liquid or castile soap free of citrus oils and acids, warm water and few pieces of microfiber cloth.

Add few drops of soap in warm water dampen a microfiber cloth in this soapy water mixture and gently wipe the surface. After that thoroughly rinse the surface with warm water and dry it very well. Complete drying is essential as leaving marble surfaces wet buildup hard to clean water stains.

Endnote: You must know how to clean your chopping boards, as cleaning them is essential not only to maintain health and hygiene of whole family but also to conserve their life and functionality in long term.