How to Stay On Top of Your Fitness Goals While Travelling


Despite your best intentions, sticking to your fitness regimen can be next to impossible when you are traveling. However, if you do a little bit of planning you can still keep fit even when you are away from home. Some practical tips for the busy traveler:

Plan out Your Travel Schedule

The more flexible your travel schedule is the more you can achieve from your trip, on both the work front and the health front. If your day starts really early with a morning flight, then all that you may be able to achieve is a quick workout at the airport if it has such facilities and reserve more intense workout at your hotel on days that start more leisurely. When traveling, you will do well to seize moments for working out as and when they become available, even for really short durations.

Find Out Where You Can Work Out

Try to book yourself into a hotel that has a gym or at least there’s a gym nearby that you can take advantage of. If you cannot find a suitable place, then try to search out a park where you can jog and do freehand exercises. If the hotel has a swimming pool, make as much use of it as possible. You can use your fitness routine as an excuse to explore the place; enroll for a walking trip or even run or cycle to visit a few of the attractions.

Don’t Forget To Pack Your Fitness Gear

Check out the weather forecast of the place you are traveling to and pack your fitness gear accordingly; don’t forget to take along your training shoes and appropriate clothing besides portable musical devices if you are accustomed to working out while listening to music. If you are taking any steroids, don’t forget them.

Take Care of Your Diet

One of the most effective ways of keeping healthy and maintaining your fitness is to pay attention to what you are eating and drinking. Even though you should sample the local cuisine, by and large, you should stick to stuff that you are familiar with. When dining out, opt for food portions that are small, low in fats, and high on lean protein, whole grain, and fresh vegetables. Avoid the sugary drinks and the alcohol; even too much tea and coffee are not good for the system.

Become a Member of the Local Running Club

If there is a destination that you need to travel to quite frequently, you can explore the opportunity of becoming a member of the local running club. You don’t have to win the races but it is a great opportunity for you to mix and network with other runners who can give you valuable tips on fitness facilities that you would have otherwise never been able to discover.


When traveling try to get to bed early and also start early the next morning before the gym gets crowded. If you are running outside, make sure the road is well-lit and it is safe. Don’t overexert yourself when traveling.

Author Bio: Mark Dwight is a news correspondent for a reputed daily and has a hectic travel schedule. A fitness enthusiast, Mark works out whenever possible and ensures that he continues taking his steroids without fail.