How to monitor someone’s MAC windows machine


The computer machines such as MAC and windows are very popular among users such as employees and even in young kids and teens. People are very fond of computers and MAC machines because these are the devices that are perfect for employers within the business organizations and for youngsters for their studies and other activities to use internet for many different purposes. Employees use these sorts of machines at the workplace because of to get the job done very fast. These machines are one of the most advanced devices as computer other electronic computer machines. Sometimes people such as parents and employers have to monitor these machines to the fullest, otherwise, they have to bear swear consequences.

Why Monitor MAC & windows Machines

Employers put heavy investment on company’s equipment such as MAC and windows laptops and desktops computers. These machines are very helpful to improve the productivity of a company and also for the communication among the fellow employees by using the instant messengers such as Skype. On another employee use these machines for entertainment purposes and don’t make a focus on the assigned work given by the employers. Young kids and teens spend most of their times on windows and MAC laptop machines. They do activities such as use dating websites and get access to the carnal content and get addicted to it. Therefore, sometimes they got into the trap of cyber bullies and stalkers. When parents get to know the nightmare they are running with on the computer and windows am honest they start searching for the solution.

Monitor Windows and MAC devices

If you are parent or employer or someone else and you want to monitor someone’s MAC computer machine, then you just need to use ThOnespy MAC monitoring software and on another hand, if you are looking forward to tracking the windows machine then use TOS windows monitoring software. Employers who need to keep an eye on their employees MAC machine, they just need to install the MAC monitoring app on the machine.

Screen Recording: MAC monitoring app

Then they can use the screen recording of the MAC monitoring spyware. It enables a user to view the screen activities of the target machine by making back to back videos of the target MAC device and enable a user to know what sort of activities employees are doing on the company’s owned device.

 Screen Recording: MAC spy software

The user can also get screenshots remotely of each and every single activity employees performed on their devices along with the complete time stamp. The user can get multiple screenshots at the same time target MAC machine remotely.

Keylogger: MAC monitoring spyware

On the other hand, parents can also keep an eye on their teens MAC laptops by using the keylogger.

It enables user to get their hands on all the keystrokes applied on the target MAC device of kids and teens. Parents will be able to see password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, SMS keystrokes and email keystrokes. Having such type of access parents can view each and every single activity of kids and teens on MAC laptop machines.

Block websites: Windows spy app

Parents can block all the websites which they think are inappropriate for their kids and teens by using the block websites. Parents just need to put the URL of a website into the filters and teens will not be able to visit inappropriate websites.

Real-Time Monitoring: Windows spyware

Parents can get real-time monitoring of all the activities they perform on windows computer machines with the help of real-time monitoring of the windows tracking software.


Now you can monitor all the activities of the happen on the target window and MAC machine through TheOneSpy windows and MAC spy software.