How to make videos for YouTube?


Making videos and uploading on social media especially like YouTube has become a trend. It can be related to anything. And if you are a YouTube blogger, then it is very essential for you to upload videos on time.

It is not easy to upload any kind of video to YouTube you have to be aware with rules of YouTube. You can upload your personal video, any training video, any old video, etc. It all depends upon your choice.

A normal video can be uploaded easily, but if you want your video to be attractive then you need software through which you can make the video very attractive, so that you can get more visitors.

There are many software which helps to make such nice and attractive video. But as per my view the best software is Movavi Video Editor. It is the software which helps us HOW TO MAKE VIDEOS FOR YOUTUBE. You have to do it all step by step with all the instruction given in the software, so just download it.


The first and the foremost thing are to have the footage which you want to upload on YouTube. This can be original which you shoot with your mobile, camera or anything. It can be commercial, old movie of home, group of photos, etc.  But you should remember that the video should be you’re not others, as it does not violate the copyright rules of YouTube.


Now editing of video which is optional, if you want your video to be normal then you can upload it as it is. But if you want your video to be more attractive and appealing, then you can choose editing option and edit video with editing tools to make it attractive.


You can also add some special effects to the video while editing. There are various options in this software. You can choose any of them as per your choice. Then you can choose the way it transits means that how the video will flow or move. This software helps to flow all photos and videos in each other very smoothly.


Then you can add a soundtrack to the video with the help of this software. You can even add your voice also and then set all necessary parameters to make the video a masterpiece. And at the same time a preview of your video is seen, so that you can check that the voice over is perfect or not.


Then you can add tiles and callouts. In this software there are options to make a text for video very attractive. Here you can use different parameters like duration, speed, font, color, size, etc. so that the title of the video also looks attractive.

Some callouts can also be added to it like graphic symbols like arrows, speech bubbles, etc. It also makes the video very attractive. Now as the video is completed and every editing is done, so now it is ready to upload.

But before that you must have an account on YouTube, so that you can upload your own video easily. Then you can select your file and upload it on YouTube and then fill the information about your video so that the person who is watching the video can understand it better.

So making videos with Movavi video editor is very easy. It is the best app or software to make video for beginners and intermediate users.