How to get media attention?


Media has become an efficient tool to help you buy attention in the world. Local, national or international, whatever platform you desire is an easy target now with the help of media coverage. The fame game is entirely in the hands of media now. From an entrepreneur, businessman, sports celebrity to a welfare action every other person who wants to dominate the world glamor needs to be a part of media campaigns. It is media which distinguishes the park in a lay man and convert it into fire by presenting it in front of the audience which is obviously counted in millions. Around the globe media has immense power. Let’s see what the top 5 ways to get media attention are.

  1. Become news with an innovative approach: According to Thapa from NewswireNEXT ( “Media is least interested in giving coverage to an organization or personality who has done nothing out of the box. They will never waste their time in interviewing someone who has been sitting idle for past few months. Do something which becomes catchy. Think hard and come up with something which the media as well as the audience might find engaging. Create a buzz in the media by doing something extra ordinary.

Your ideas might include launching a product, throwing a dazzling success party, extending your business etc. This will give a valid invitation for the media to take charge and you will get enough attention.”

  1. Make confident media appearances:In order to get attention from the people of your circle as well as make the society ponder over your name and standard then you must not run from making media appearances. Confronting media three to four times in a year will not work. Every day there are numerous news reports about better and hotter topics. In this race of media attention, people will forget you after a week or ten days. Therefore it is necessary to keep attending events where media is invited. By doing so, not only would media people converse with you but also, you can make contacts with some influential media persons. These contacts are surely of great importance in the future.
  2. Use social media to generate fan force:You might be a very busy person running a well flourished business with no time to scroll your news feed on social media. But it is necessary for you to run your social media pages fluently. You might be following a strict schedule but take out some time for the update of those platforms. By using these platforms, you are nearest to the audience. Keep updating them with interesting facts about your life and on goings. If you can’t do it yourself, hire someone who can run these pages with effort and attention. The bonding produced through social media will generate a strong fan force which will help you gain attention in social gatherings later.
  3. Let the reporters reach you:Avoid being a rude and arrogant personality who is nearly impossible to be reached. Don’t let yourself be counted among those who are reached through a complicated procedure. Keep the meetings easy. Let the reporters, journalists and media person reach you with a single email or phone call. Says Mr. White from Ed Cal Media Agency.
  4. Help the media grow:If you want to keep good terms with someone you must help or benefit them in one way or another. Try to earn their regards by organizing events for them and giving them special appreciation in events. These kind gestures cement the bond between the media and your business. They keep you in their good books for life long.

With a mic, camera and screen you can definitely get the attention you want!


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