How Does a Good Daily Routine Affect The Performance of Racehorses?


When it comes to training and grooming racehorses the task is not so easy as it seems. These horses are different from domestic horses, and thus their care is wholly based on the kind of tournaments that they need to be prepared for. Here, the horse trainer along with other professionals take the onus of looking after the horse both before and after the race so that its performance does not happen at all!

Daily routine

Like human beings’ horses too benefit from a strict daily routine if they need to win races in competitions and tournaments. There is a lot of pressure on these horses when it comes to strength and performance. The grooms of the horses take the responsibility of taking them out daily for their share of physical exercise. At the same time, it is imperative for these horses to have their food daily at the same time. The daily needs of the horses have to be taken care of by the groom that looks after them. He needs to be passionate about horses as they will respond accordingly to his love and care. Though they are not human beings, horses too are very sensitive to the people that communicate with them. This is why experts say that they need to be treated like a human being so that they develop positive mental and physical attributes that are important for them to win professional and popular tournaments like TVS Breeders Cup and the like.

Horses need to be prepared for the upcoming races that they have, but their care does not end there. These horses need to be taken care of and groomed even after the race by professionals that take care of them. Once the race is over, you will find that these horses need time to rest and this is known as the cool out period. The horse needs to get an adequate amount of water after the race. When it comes to food, both hay and grain are kept away from the horse for a long time. The groom has to ensure that the horse is not dehydrated and in case it eats grain and hay, there is a high possibility of it choking on its food. If the horse eats hay after a race, this will lead to a condition that is called Founder. Here, the hooves of the horse become very hot, and this results in extreme pain for the horse as well. There is a mixture of clay called Poultice that is given to the horse so that its hooves cool down after running after a race.

Once the horse gets the rest after a race is done, preparations are made for the next race. The horses are kept in barns when they are resting, and once they are ready, their grooms train and prepare them for the next race. This is an ongoing process, and racehorses can perform to their fullest with this regular care, regime, and diet!

Author Bio: Jeremy Paul is a horse lover and horse racing blogger. He shares regular news and updates from professional tournaments like the TVS Breeders Cup and more for his online followers.