Homeworking vs Co-working – 5 Reasons Co-working Is the Right Choice


Today’s business environment in New Zealand is such that many managers can actually keep employees at work through remote working. To work remotely, employees simply work at home or in some other location but are provided standard IT services. Among its many benefits, remote work allows managers savings in terms of the amount of time employees spend at work, and it provides employees with the freedom to command their own time.

However, there are some caveats to working remotely, including missing out on valuable opportunities to meet other people. Instead, co-working can offer professionals the opportunity to work in an environment conducive to work. More importantly, these spaces can form a great network of resources that you can draw on while building your business.

Let’s take a look at more reasons as to why the co-working space is more conducive to productivity than staying at home.


Whether at home or working in your local coffee shop, you are surrounded by a million distractions, whether kids are playing in the background, people are chatting on their phones or any number of other distractions. Just by the sheer number of interruptions, it is virtually impossible to concentrate making it difficult to get any work done. The co-working space, while shared space, is more conducive to productivity.

Renters can share seating space at a hot desk or a dedicated space. Servcorp co-working spaces in New Zealand are a great example of the way in which many co-working spaces operate. Many of these spaces provide professionals with a structured environment where they can actually be productive.


Working at home is great because you have everything you need at your convenience. However, by working at home, you do not get the benefit of interacting, and more importantly, networking with other people within your industry and in others. While working at home will allow you to wake and work at your leisure, valuable connections are lost when you are not in the place where you can meet and converse with other people.

Collaborative Opportunities

One of the central missions of many co-working spaces is the collaboration over competition concept. These relationships are the culmination of an environment that nurtures professionals collaborating with each other.  At home, you do not benefit from the numerous opportunities that come from joining others in the co-working community to form collaborations. In fact, many of these ventures are the direct result of collaborations that form after networking. You cannot really meet people, much less network if you work alone.

Mentoring Opportunities

Furthermore, in addition to collaborations, the co-working space provides professionals with so many opportunities to engage with professionals across all industries. With a well of expertise, these co-working spaces can be the place where the beginnings of mentoring relationships. Mentors can help you by being a resource for referrals, in addition to providing you with ways to build your business as well. More importantly, mentors are always great sources of advice and guidance.


While you have your family and friends surrounding you at home, co-working spaces are communities in and of themselves. For the most part, these working enclaves form their own character and function depending on the professionals who are a part of the space. Of the many benefits, co-working spaces allow you to become a part of a community that supports your entrepreneurial endeavours.

Spaces That Promote Productivity

Co-working populations comprise some of the most diverse industries and present professionals with many opportunities to advance their careers and business. While working at home is more cost-effective, the investment in a place that will allow you to network and collaborate while being part of a vibrant community is priceless. Furthermore, through these benefits, you ultimately get a return on your investment.


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