Here’s Why You Should Install a Camera in Your Car


We have all been aware of certain television shows that provide heart-stopping scenes of police vehicles doing hot pursuit—chasing down drivers trying to run away from the law. These shows also showcase recorded videos of police arresting criminals, shootings, and, even road collisions. These so-called “caught on tape” events are all made possible by the cameras that are installed inside their vehicles. Known as the dashboard camera or dash cam, this device is not just popular among police authorities. Given the numerous benefits of the device, the dash cam has been widely used by cab and bus drivers, driving instructors, and ordinary motorists.

Basically, the dash cam is a type of camera that is mounted or placed inside the car. It is comparable to a dashboard camera. It has features that allow the user to record sounds and video of everything that is happening, either inside the vehicle or on the road, depending on where the device’s lens is pointed. Moreover, such devices are also has features that could work with other in-car technologies, including global positioning system (GPS) devices, that allow for easy navigation. Such features also monitor the speed of the vehicle and all other relative data that can be stored in the camera device.

As a driver, it would be a great investment if you consider buying a dashboard camera and cell phone accessories for your vehicle. This is because of various benefits that it brings. The features of many dash cams have capabilities that could work very well when it comes to enhancing your driving experience. To help you decide on investing on dash cam, here are some of its benefits of having the device working inside your car:

  • Road accidents are just one of the many instances that could occur to you while you are driving your vehicle, and having a dashboard camera can help you record such an event. The device provides a detailed, real-time video record of a collision, which can be used as evidence in case you decide to file a personal injury case against the other driver. Indeed, it would make a world of difference if you have such a proof—it would enhance your chances of claiming damages from the other party, especially if you believe he or she is at fault for the incident.

  • Getting lost is not anymore possible, now that most dashboard cameras available in the market are capable of GPS. The technology is embedded in many of these devices that it could not only record your trips, but could also monitor how fast or slow you are going. More importantly, it detects your location, given the mapping feature of the GPS in your camera device. Some interfaces of dash cams are touchscreen, which makes for an awesome experience while driving.

  • Dashboard cameras have been known to prevent untoward incidents in the parking lot. Having such a device would be very helpful for beginners who are not just learning how to drive but also learning how to park their vehicles as it alleviates the possibility of bumping and/or scratching other cars. More importantly, dash cams can provide a watchful eye whenever the vehicle is left unattended at the parking lot or anywhere. Some of these devices can even act as close circuit television (CCTV) cameras.

Truly, dashboard cameras are great devices worth investing. You may also want to buy cell phone accessories to ensure that the camera will fit in your car. If you already have security cameras at home, you will surely enjoy the security benefits of dash cameras. With a myriad of features available in many of them that are being sold in the market, all you need to do is choose the best one depending on what you prefer and the budget that you have.


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