From Wants to Needs: Eight 21st Century Gadgets for Survival


In today’s trends, a lot of wants become needs. In a modernized perspective, technology is a means to progress. Almost everyone has some sort of technology. Want it or not, we can’t deny the fact that technology nowadays, is a part of our daily lives.

Notice your environment. Young people even have gadgets for communication. When they’re bored, they bring out gadgets for entertainment. Even ordinary people make a living through technology due to media and advertising-related tasks. Imagine what life would be without it. Here are some of today’s gadgets that help you survive in the 21st century.


Brands that produce smartwatches such as i’m S.p.A., Sony, and Pebble have functions for various uses. These watches are suitable for biking, running, and everyday use. You can use them for getting un updates or news from social media, sound trip, remembering appointments, measuring your speed or even for countdowns.

The portable device is designed to be worn on the wrist just like the traditional watch. However, smartwatches provide touchscreens with numerous apps which turn this typical watch into something unique and useful.

USB Drive

Patented in 2000, the USB drive also known as a flash drive has widely spread as a means of transporting files that mainly happen between computers. In the early years, the storage capacity of a typical flash drive was just 8MB in size.

Nowadays, we can find bigger sizes for transporting our essential files and other soft copies. Capacities of certain drives reach from 8GB to 64GB, and possibly even more. You can use flash drives to store photos, movies, programs,  and other files important to you.

Portable Toaster

Warm up your meals with a handy portable toaster. Wherever you go, whether you are in a mountain, snowfield, forest, or in a beach, a portable toaster secures your meal and your stomach. The concept is derived from the idea of Kim Been, a Korean designer. The device looks like a piece of cake which is small but can do the job in toasting a piece of bread.

Digital Cutting Board

Jeong’s Almighty board is an impressive combination of a recipe display, chopping board, and scale for ingredients. When linked with smartphones, this digital cutting board provides directions on how to cook a meal with a certain recipe.

The Digital cutting board has sophisticated features such as prompting you to wash it properly, to avoid cross-contamination. It is one of the best kitchen products that not only gives you convenience, but ensures your health as well.

Google Android OS

Android is an operating system from Google which is the preferred OS of almost any smart device out there. Designed not just for mobile phones, but also for various devices ranging from tablets to mobile phones to smart TV sticks, to almost anything smart-capable. Android is an open source and free mobile operating system which anyone can modify.

One of the advantages of the Android OS is that it is extremely customizable with every feature allowing you to customize it to your liking. You can occupy your screen with various apps and make a shortcut for each app or widget.

Amazon Kindle

The Kindle app allows you to read millions of books. Choose a thousand of books for free including new release and best-selling books. The device enables the user to read, browse, buy, and download e-books, magazines, and other digital media. Amazon officially markets it.

ORKA Smart Bottle

The ORKA Smart Bottle connects with your phone via Bluetooth. This smart bottle monitors your water intake. It also gives you an alert for possible dehydration. Considered as one of the best gadgets in the 21st century, it helps you ensure that you are living a healthy lifestyle.


It is evident that a lot of gadgets today are making noticeable changes in our lives. The emphasis on the significant use of 21st-century gadgets such as ORKA Smart Bottle, Amazon Kindle, Apple iPhone, and other devices listed above are all evident. You can shop online in any business sites such as Deal Wiki to get a look on any smart devices you may want.

In the years before and the years to come, there has been a compelling shift over the previous century from manufacturing to emphasizing on knowledge and information services. These items are continually changing and improving how we live our daily life.


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