Features To Look For Before Buying A Video Door Phone


A video door phone is a smart option to keep homes and businesses safer. As the crime rate is increasing, a video door phone can be a high performance yet cost-effective shield for your home. Let’s say you are at work or watching TV and an unexpected visitor rings the bell at your door. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can see who it is on your video door phone before you open the door?

If such features look like the perfect mix of realistic and futuristic, perhaps you should consider installing a video door phone. It helps you to have an audio-visual communication between you and the visitor.

Below are the essential features to remember before buying a video door phone.

  • Image Capturing

A video door phone can capture images of the visitors to let you know who is on the other side. Additionally, you get to see the videos or pictures of your visitors in future if required.

  • Storage

A video door phone with high inbuilt storage with expandable memory gets a plus point. The videos and images are getting stored in VDP. Because the number of visitors is unpredictable, so, it is vital to buy a high storage system or allowing external memory storage.

  • Digital

With high security everywhere, even video phones have evolved, and now they can be connected to your CCTV camera. Before you buy, ensure that your video door phone is a highly digitised system and friendly to your security system.

  • Works at Night

With this kind of system, it will protect you in day and night both. The inbuilt technology has a night vision camera in the video door phone system, which helps you see your visitors at night or in low light as well.

  • Don’t Disturb

Don’t want anybody to disturb you? Video door phone includes a “do not disturb” feature. This feature allows you to keep disturbances or unexpected visitors away. There is no time limit for this feature; you can set it for as long as you want.

  • Touchscreens

To make a delightful user experience, these video door phones have touch screens, to make the operating more effortless and stylish.

  • Remote access

You do not have to go near the door whenever a visitor comes over. A video door phone will allow you to grant access without going there physically. You could just view it on screen who is the person outside, and then grant access to them.

  • Strong physical structure

Weather conditions can differ from time to time, so the outer body of the video door phone has to be bearable under any circumstances. Hence they can’t be destroyed even if tried. Just make sure to check the standard IP rating.

A video door phone system is simple to install and offers all the latest features as mentioned above. When you opt for a video door phone, make sure that it is produced by a genuine brand and has a durable build and quality.