Effective Tips For the receivers of Bone Marrow Transplant


The spongy soft tissue present inside the bones is known as bone marrow. This is found especially in thighbone and hip bone. This bone marrow consists of certain immature cells which are called as “hematopoietic” stem cells which further build up into blood cells or platelets or even more bone marrow cells. The bone marrow, the platelets and the red and white blood cells is required for a healthy happy life.

Though there are certain conditions which can put a great effect on the bone marrow and in case it stops functioning effectively, the doctors usually recommend to have a bone marrow transplant done. There are a plenty of life threatening diseases whose cure is dependent on a successful bone marrow transplant so that the patient can survive. These diseases include blood cancers like, leukemia, lymphoma, sickle cell anemia and certain other life-threatening conditions.

If you or your loved one are going to receive bone marrow transplant, the following tips can come handy.

  1. Get proper information about the bone marrow transplant – It is imperative for the patient to get entire information about bone marrow transplant. What it actually is and how the surgery is performed and what is the Bone marrow transplant cost in India, are some of the questions that the patients should be aware of. These factor help a lot in decision making and also boost up the confidence in case the patients are willing to get themselves treated. The doctor can choose any of the two methods of transplant such as Autologous and Allogeneic transplants and that is completely dependent on the health condition of the patient.
  2. Patience is the key – This procedure needs the patient to be very patient. They might be required to stay in hospital for few days till the time the new stem cells settle down in their bone marrow and also start making up new cells. Also after the surgical procedure the patients are highly prone to infections therefore meeting up family and friends also would be prohibited for some time.
  3. Identify your limitations – With the surgery and the medications, and treatment, the energy levels of the patient would be very low. So once the patients are discharged, they must take proper rest and good care of themselves till they return to their normal strength. The immunity system is weak due to treatment and medicines, hence the patients need to give themselves some time to come over it. Besides, having calcium rich and a well balance diet can help a lot. The patients can eat yogurt, milk, cream soup, spinach, beans, dried peas and roasted almonds etc.
  4. Keep in touch with the doctor – Since the patients are prone to infections, they must watch out for signs of infections and must immediately consult their doctor. The best thing is to stay hygienic and keep an antimicrobial soap to wash your hands etc. Some of the signs of infections are sweat or chills, fever or skin rash or sinus drainage etc. The Bone marrow transplant cost in Indiahelps the patients to re-establish their lives and the quality of life generally improves. Therefore keep these tips in mind and enjoy your life.


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