Care & Safety Measures for Vintage Jewellery


Possessing good piece of art is always appreciated by people. Currently, the modern population has interestingly been inclined towards the charm of vintage jewellery items. In the past jewellery pieces were quite more detailed and amusing, which surely increases their demand in the current time. However, it is important to know that vintage items are rare to access, and above all their maintenance is quite a stern task. Let us focus on the different ways through which one can take good care of his/her vintage jewellery belongings.

Proper Inventory for your Vintage Jewellery

Never forget that vintage jewellery is indeed valuable. Having a proper inventory of your jewellery will help you to stay secure from the scares of loss, damage or burglary. Also, make sure that you manage all your receipts from the purchase; take a photograph as well for a safer side.

Analyze the Condition Regularly

For the jewellery owners, it is required to keep a regular check on the items for ensuing that there is no damage. This step is surely needed when it comes to handmade vintage jewellery which possesses a variety of intrinsic joints. Suppose, the settings on your rings become worn and the stone disappears. There are even strong chances of losing the strings of beads or pearls if attention is not paid to the items.

Keep the Jewellery Clean

Keeping the jewellery clean is a task which requires sensibility and technique. For example, make sure you avoid the interaction of perfume, makeup etc., with your vintage jewellery. Why? It will tarnish or discolour the precious items with time. Also, make sure you are using the right method to clean the jewellery items; avoid cleaning off any of the finish. For example, gold gilt might wear off as will lacquer and paint.

Wear the Vintage Jewellery Pieces Carefully

It is advised not to wear your handmade vintage jewellery or antique jewellery on a regular basis. The reason is quite simple and relatable that necklaces, earrings, brooches etc., are all subject to damage. Hence, it is best to keep them for special occasions. As a smarter option, you can possess different pieces and rotate them time to time, without any of the item getting affected.

Take Good Care with Storage

You vintage jewellery needs to be preserved and stored carefully. Try to make each piece rest at a distance from the next one by placing a lint free cloth. Also, avoid storing them in a box, as the items might scratch and rub against each other.

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