Avail Immigration Visa Program For Australia And Get The Benefits Of Higher Profits


Are you an entrepreneur and interested in establishing and expanding your business to some foreign countries as well?  Then you must be confused regarding which country to choose, right? I must suggest that business expansion should be done in that country where you can have access to various resources and higher profits. What about conducting investments activities in Australia? I am quite sure that your answer will be a big yes, isn’t it? One should obtain investment visa program for Australia of subclass 891 in order to live and work in Australia.

What does investors visa allows?

This category of visa to Australia permits the holder:

  • To stay in Australia up to four years
  • To manage own various investment activities and business in that nation
  • To sponsor any relatives and family members
  • To attain those rights as mentioned in the workplace law of Australia
  • To live for additional three months when an extension is allowed by authorities of Australia

Minimum eligibility criteria:


These days, in order to maintain security in foreign relations, countries laid down some requisites that a prospective candidate is required to fulfil if they want to attain any category of visa. That is why, Australian authorities has communicated following requirements that a person is supposed to comply with in case they want to have access to investor’s visa:

  • You must be the holder of a provincial investor visa of subclass 162
  • You have lived in that country for minimum twenty four months but there is no demand regarding the people’s continuous stay of two years.
  • You have met the character and health requisites as laid down by concerned officials
  • You should meet all the requirements of business.
  • You and your partner have continuously held designated investment for minimum four years in Australia
  • You are having a practical and reasonable commitment in order to continue an investment activity or business in Australia
  • You should pay out all your debts to the government of Australia in order to be eligible for visitor visa
  • You must have sufficient money to carry out your investment plans

This category of visa can take 1-2 years in order to be processed

Streams of investors’ visa:

This type of visa includes five main streams that are:

  • Investor stream
  • Business innovation stream
  • Significant investor stream
  • Premium investor stream
  • Entrepreneur stream

One can apply to any of above mentioned stream depending on the weight of investment activities and level of business.

In case you are wondering why Australia, then I must tell you that this country has one of the most advanced and efficient economies in the world. And it is a perfect place to choose for investment migration to Australia. So be ready to face one of the fast changing economies across the world and utilise it to the fullest in order to earn great amount of profits.


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