All You Need For Your First Snowboarding Adventure


Depending on how you prepare for it, your first experience in snowboarding can be nerve-wracking or exciting. As you anticipate for the new and fun activity, do not let anxiousness get in the way of getting ready. You have to take enough time to get ready so that your first snowboarding trip leaves you craving for more. This is the checklist that will guarantee a wonderful experience.

  1. Boots

The specialized snowboard boots join you to the board via the bindings. While the snowboard boots may be rented at a resort, it is not advisable. You need something that your feet will be comfortable with. Owning a pair is a much better idea. Personal boots will give you a snug fit as opposes to some rented boots which come with restricted points.

  1. Socks

It goes without saying that you need socks to wear with boots. Normally the feet get cold and this could make your snowboarding experience unbearable. That’s the reason you need specialized socks to wick away moisture and keep you warm. The best socks are made of thin and synthetic fabrics because your boots are insulated already. Don’t go for the thickest socks because they might cause too much sweating and make you feel uncomfortable. another thing to consider is the length of the socks; they need to be long enough so that your legs do not rub against the boots which would irritate your skin.

  1. Bindings and the snowboard

You may not have your own snowboard and bindings but you can always rent them. New snowboards are expensive and available in various designs such as freeride, alpine, and freestyle. It all depends on what style you prefer. But for your first time, consider the freestyle snowboard because it is easier to control and has a manageable size. As for the bindings, they come hand in hand with the boards. They are used to secure your boots to the snowboard. The size of a binding depends on the size of your boots.

  1. Goggles

Goggles will help you counteract the glare and keep your eyes from potential damage by wind or the snow as you ride. If you are riding down the slope, for instance, debris and snow fly against your face and so you need eye protection.

  1. Gloves

You need waterproof and insulated gloves to keep your hand protected from the snow. Consider the material making up the gloves because you want a pair that will last long.

  1. Helmet

One of the most important parts of your body is the head because it carries the brain. A helmet is a vital snowboarding accessory for protecting yourself during a vigorous activity.

  1. Snowboard clothing

Basically, you need a waterproof jacket and weather-proof pants. Look for a jacket with a waterproof outer shell and breathable pants. The jacket too needs to be breathable since you will be sweating and you don’t want to soak in sweat while you are on the mountain. Note that weather drastically fluctuates as you snowboard so you might want a special jacket equipped with temperature control for comfort. The weather-proof pants are very important as they shield your body from the water.

Note that everything listed in here is equally important. And if you are on a budget you don’t need to buy new gear. You can get some used and new snowboards or rent at a resort. For the clothing, you should try and buy them before the trip.